black and white office spaces

One of my New Years resolutions was to redo my office space at home. I have a space set up right now but I'm not in love with it. I want to create a room where I feel inspired the moment I step in. A space that represents my vision and where I want to take my brand.

So I decided to finally start looking for inspiration. The way I usually do that is by going on Pinterest and pinning away all of the office spaces that I wish were mine. And from the looks of it, a black and white office with touches of gold is where I want to be!

Here are some of my favorite finds.

 (image source: om louise breyen | my attic)

(image source: ica carlsson | 79 ideas)

(image source: stylizimo)

 (image source: eva black design | hvite)

(image source: made by girl | apartment therapy)

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