A visit to Drumlin Farm

This past weekend, the husband went camping in the middle of nowhere with his buddies while I stayed home parenting our lovely toddler. When this happens, I like to make plans and think of fun things that Diego and I can do outside the house. If you have toddlers then you know that staying inside the house all day makes the day go insanely slooooow.

I offered Diego two options: go to the playground or go to a farm and see some animals. Obviously, going to the farm won. This kid loves his animals! So after some quick yelp research, I decided we should go check out Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA.

If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. The official name is Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary and it's a wildlife sanctuary and working farm all in one.

It was pretty affordable as well: $9 for adults and $6 for kids. But if you are a Mass Audubon member, it's free! Which I ended up signing up for because the membership was only $32 for a family and that pretty much covers 2 farm visits. Plus, there are tons of other nature reserves you can also go to with this membership. So I'm going to look at it this way: by the end I'M SAVING MONEY! The husband loves when I rationalize like that ;)

We spent about 3 solid hours at the farm. We saw chickens, sheep, owls, turtles, birds, cows, bunnies and a horse. Diego's favorite part was playing with these wooden eggs that they had where the chickens were. He was literally playing in there for a solid half an hour. Oh! And you can also do a hay ride which we did. Of course.

They have bathrooms everywhere and they also have a picnic area so you can pack your lunch and eat it there. We did that and it was perfect!

All in all it was a fun Saturday morning. I'm pretty sure we will be back. I mean. We are members an all ;)

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