Another weekend. Another farm.

It's officially summer you guys!!! This is my favorite time of year. The weather is (usually) great, everyone is on a better mood and there are tons of outdoor activities going on around the city. 

For Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to stay local. And now that I come to think about it, we always stay local. I just hate traveling when everyone else in the country is traveling. You know what I mean? Traffic, big crowds, waiting for everything... no thank you. 

We had no concrete plans for the weekend and that was a-ok with me. Sometimes spontaneous plans end up being the best ones. 

One of the things we ended up doing this past weekend was checking out SpringDell Farm in Littleton, MA. They were having an open house and were opening the farm to visitors which they normally don't do. 

Mr. Diego's favorite part was, of course, checking out all of the tractors. I think he would have been content with just doing that all day.

We also got to ride this really sweet cow train. Isn't she a beauty? Haha 

All in all, it was a nice little afternoon. We went to our friends house afterwards for a BBQ and that was the perfect way to end the day. 3-Day weekends rule! 

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