an indoor boredom buster / 01

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours was pretty good. We spent a LOT of time inside thanks to the lovely weather. When I found out on Friday that we were going to mostly be indoors, I went to see my good old friend Pinterest to figure out how in the world we were going to entertain an almost 2 year old inside for 2 days. I saw a couple of ideas that seemed fun, but let's be honest, needed some prep time from this mamma. So I skipped all of those for now (judge me! I don't care haha) and focused on the no-prep-time-needed-whatsoever ideas.

And... drum roll please... the big winner was: to bring snow inside. THAT IS IT! Can we get more simple than that? And let me tell you it was a big hit. We did it both Saturday and Sunday and it entertained him for almost 45 minutes each day, which in toddler world is an eternity. All of his Little People friends and animals jumped from the fire truck into the snow pool. They all partied it up in there and then they took some nice long naps in the barn. Epic!

So there you have it folks. Bring some snow inside next time and let the fun times roll.

What about you? Any simple indoor toddler friendly activities? Next weekend is a 3-day weekend so I need some ideas ASAP!

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