how i grocery shop

This has become a popular topic of discussion among my friends lately so I figured I would do a blog post about it :)

Grocery shopping can sometimes be a tedious task and a lot of people hate doing it. I sometimes love going to the store and other times I hate it. I guess you can call it a love/hate relationship.

In our house, I am the one that does the grocery shopping. Most of the time I go alone. The husband likes to go in and out as quickly as possible and I like to take my time. So to avoid a silly fight, I go alone. Since we had Diego, I have been seeing grocery shopping as one of my "me-time" activities where I get to be by myself and enjoy some quiet time.

So here's how I do it:

1. I go to the grocery store every Sunday. I do it this way so we don't waste food. I buy enough for one week.

2. I meal plan. I first go through what's left in the fridge and in our freezer. Then I go through my Pinterest recipe boards or my cookbooks and I select 4 dinner recipes and 1-2 lunch options. Why not 7 recipes? I don't cook everyday. We go out to dinner most Friday nights and probably another time during the weekend. And the rest of the days I don't cook, we eat leftovers.

3. Once I know what I'm going to cook, I make a grocery list. I never go to the store without one because when I used to do that, I would leave with a $100 grocery bill and not enough ingredients to make one single meal. By making a grocery list, I only buy what I need and don't overspend.

4. I try not to go hungry. If I go hungry, I end up spending way more money and end up buying lots of unhealthy snacks.

5. We go to Cotsco about every 6 weeks. When we go, we buy things that we eat/use all the time. Like chips, guacamole, greek yogurt, eggs, toilet paper, paper towels... We also buy different types of meats and when we get home the husband divides them up into smaller serving sizes, puts them in freezer bags and stores them in the freezer that we have in the basement.

This might seem like a lot of work, but it really isn't. It makes our week go so smooth and it's nice to get home and know exactly what I am going to cook for dinner instead of getting home and trying to figure out what to make. I would also like to note that I not always pick new recipes to cook. If I know it's going to be a busy week, I don't experiment and I cook things that I've made multiple times before.

So how do you grocery shop? I would love to hear from you.

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