our 0-3 month favorites

I can't believe Diego is already 3 months. When I look at the pictures from the day he was born, I'm amazed at how much he has grown. It's crazy how much babies change in such a short period of time. I'm savoring all of the time I get to spend with him and really dreading going back to work in less than a month :(

He is getting more and more fun everyday. He giggles now which is the cutest thing in the world. I spend all day finding different ways to make him laugh. Animal noises are his favorite right now. He is also grabbing toys and working really hard on his neck control. And he already got his first haircut this past weekend. Yes. He is 3 months and he already got a haircut. This must be some sort of record.

Now that we have been doing this parenting thing for the past 3 months, I want to share with you our favorite baby items. These are things that we use all the time, that Diego really enjoys and make our lives easier.

1. Boon lawn countertop drying rack - We have tons and tons of bottles and bottle parts and we don't want to mix them in the drying rack with all of our other stuff. This is a nice way to keep them separate and you can fit a lot on this rack.

2. Tiny love gymini - Diego loves his playmat. We started putting him on it since he was a newborn. It's a great way to entertain him, especially once he started being more alert and sleeping less during the day. He also gets to work on reaching, grabbing, pulling and tummy time.

3. Avent bottles - I got these bottles because of its natural nipple shape. Apparently this makes it easier to go from boob to bottle and vice versa. I also like them because Diego can hold them better thanks to the way they are shaped.

4. Rock and play - This is a MUST. When people ask me for one item that they need to get, I always say a rock and play. Diego sleeps in one and he sleeps really well in it. If you want your baby to sleep in the same room as you, this is a good option. You can rock him very easily when he is fussy and it props him up a little bit which is nice for acid reflux (if your baby has that). He also hangs out here when I'm getting ready or cooking.

5. WubbaNub pacifier - Thankfully Diego likes pacifiers and he loves these. We have the giraffe and the lion. The little animal makes it easy for him to grab the pacifier and it makes for a great toy as well.

6. Boppy pillow - I use it to breastfeed and to put Diego on it when we are sitting on the couch hanging out. He also does tummy time on it.

7. Skip Hop diaper bag - This is one of the few diaper bags that I liked. You wouldn't believe the amount of ugly diaper bags that are out there. I love this one because it has a lot of pockets so you can fit tons of stuff and it's also a neutral color.

8. Breastmilk and bottle warmer - We got this one as a package deal with a bunch of other Kiinde items. It's an easy way to warm up formula or breastmilk.

9. Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat - This car seat was rated #1 by Consumer Reports. They tested it and they think it's very safe. It's also very popular among my mommy friends.

10. Sensory giraffe - We only got a couple of toys before he was born and this was one of them. We put this one on his car seat. The colors are very bright which he likes and there are different sensory pieces for him to explore.
11. Manhattan Toy mind-shape multi-sensor soft activity shape set - These set is great because it's visually stimulating, it has different textures for tactile stimulation and they make noise for auditory recognition.

12. Citi Mini stroller - Most of my mommy friends have this stroller and there's a reason why. It's very light, so it's easy to carry with one hand. It's also very easy to open, close, maneuver and you can buy an adapter to fit your car seat on it.

13. Baby K'Tan - There are tons of baby wraps out there and they are pretty much all the same. The reason why I liked the K'Tan is that it comes ready to wear. I use this all the time. Inside the house when Diego wants to be held but mommy needs to also do other things and on the go.

14. Waterproof changing pad liners - I love these because every time Diego decides to pee when I am in the middle of changing his diaper (happened more than I would like to admit at the beginning), I only need to change the pad liner instead of the changing pad cover.

15. Giraffe sound machine - White noise will become your best friend when it's time to put your baby to sleep. The giraffe hangs from his rock and play.

Do you have any favorites? We are still getting the hang of this parenting thing, so feel free to leave a comment below with your favorites.

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