airbnb dreams in brooklyn

Whenever I'm bored, I like to go to airbnb and pretend that we are taking a trip. I pick a random destination and I start searching for cool places where we could stay at. The past couple of times that we have traveled, we have been staying at airbnb's or at rentals from homeaway instead of hotels and we have been loving it. It's nice to have a kitchen, most of the time it's even cheaper than a hotel and you get to experience the city like a local.

One of my favorite places to visit is NYC. Unfortunately, we haven't been in almost 2 years. Waaaaahhhhh. But I'm hoping that once I'm fully recovered and we get a better hang of this having-a-baby-thing, we will take a quick trip to the big apple. This time though, I want to stay in Brooklyn.

When I am looking for airbnb's I have a criteria list that they need to meet:
1. Location, location, location. Especially in Brooklyn, I want it to be close to the subway and close to restaurants and shops.
2. Great reviews. I don't really trust places that have 0 reviews. I would leave that for someone else to check out first. And the more reviews the better.
3. The place needs to look clean and neat. I don't want to stay at a place where the owner's stuff is all over the place. I want it to be organized and clutter free.
4. Price is obviously a very important one. I'm always looking for a deal. The best way to achieve this is to go to the location when it's not in season to go. If you MUST go when everyone else is going, then book it waaaay in advance. The good deals always book up first.

Here are a couple of places that look pretty sweet! I want to note that I haven't stayed at any of these. But they meet my criteria so I'm seriously considering these when we go in the near future.

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