current obsession: hand lettering

Sources:  Top right cupcake poster by OldEnglishCo,  Top left envelope calligraphy by Barbara Calzolari, Middle achievement poster by Kimberly Munn, Bottom right backyard invitation by Ladyfingers Letterpress, Bottom left yellow invitation also by Ladyfingers Letterpress, Bottom Shakespeare quote by Juliet Grace Design

First blog post! Wohoo! First, I must confess that writing is not my thing by any means. I am a graphic designer and an art director so I express myself through pictures and design. But this year I have been inspired by so many things that I wanted to start a blog where I can share my latest obsessions as well as what I am currently working on.

When I decided to start this blog I knew off the bat that my first post was going to be about hand lettering. The word obsessed doesn't fully express how I feel about it. This medium has so many possibilities that it makes my mind run wild. 

I think what I love about it is that everyone can make it their own. I have been practicing a lot this year and trying to figure out what my distinct style is going to be. But that will come in future posts. Very soon, I promise. 

As you will notice in the pictures above, they are all hand lettering. However, they are all very distinct. Old English Company’s style is very casual. Their style is not to be perfect, which totally works. A lot of their lettering is within an illustration. So simple and neat. Then, there is calligraphy. A whole other beast in itself. It looks so effortless. But believe me. That is not the case at all. I started practicing it a couple of months ago and it is definitely a craft that takes a LOT of practice.

There is also the style that is more “free flowing” because there are definitely no rules when it comes to this medium. Everything goes. Want to combine all caps with lower case letters? Go right ahead. Want to include small illustrations between words? Fine by me! Or want to be more classic and romantic? Yes please.

Can’t wait to dive deeper into hand lettering and show you guys what I am working on. Stay tuned.

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