my 2014 new year's resolutions

I'm amazed at how fast 2013 came and went. I can say that it was a year with lots of ups and hardly any downs. We started the year as new homeowners. My brother graduated med school and started an amazing ENT residency. I opened my Etsy shop and started my own business. My hubby and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. And most important, God blessed my family with lots of health.

So now that the new year is finally here, I thought it would be fun to share my resolutions for 2014.

RESOLUTION #1: To create an Art Prints collection. 
I've been sketching art prints for the past year and I want to finally bring them all to life. 

(image source: decordots)

RESOLUTION #2: To be more crafty and share the adventures with you guys.
Some of that will include updating some pieces of furniture that I got on craigslist about a year ago.

(image source: Anthology)

RESOLUTION #3: To finally throw the dinner parties I said I was going to host when I owned my own place.

(image source: oh so beautiful paper)

RESOLUTION #4: To organize my office and set it up in a way that brings inspiration and facilitates the way I do my projects.

(image source: stylizimo blog)

And there you have it. What about you guys? What are your new year's resolutions?

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