5 fashion bloggers you should be following

A couple of months ago I realized that even though I have a closet full of clothes, I always felt like I never had anything to wear. That's when I realized that I needed to change the way that I was shopping. Before, I was going to the mall and just buying whatever looked cute. There was no sort of game plan. As a result, I was buying a lot of the same.

In order to change that, I started following a variety of fashion bloggers to get an idea of what's in trend and to get inspiration on ways to style the clothes that I already have at home. I quickly realized that once you have a good amount of basic pieces, you are able to come up with a lot of different outfits.

Here are my favorite five fashion bloggers.

 Sarah is a photographer and lives with her husband in lovely Palm Springs, CA. I really like her style. It's so sharp and effortless at the same time. I wish I could trade closets with her...
This blog is also great if you love to cook. She creates lots of yummy recipes.

Julie is a pretty popular style blogger. She is one of those that is definitely living the dream. She gets to travel the world, collaborate with dreamy brands and she even has her own line of fun screen print tees and sweatshirts. By reading her blog, I've learned to not be afraid to explore different trends and to change things up once in a while.

With Love From Kat
Kat's style is casual and fancy at the same time. She is all about simple looks. Sometimes less is more, right? I also love her hair.

Sydne Style
Sydne is all about style. I really don't know how she does it. Every single day she shares an outfit. She is also really good at showing you how to style a single item in a variety of ways.

Somewhere, Lately
This blog is a collaboration of two longtime friends: Brooke and Meggan. One lives in NYC and the other ones lives in Chicago. Their style is pretty casual like mine which means that I can recreate a lot of their looks from pieces I already own.

I follow all of these blogs via bloglovin. It's a great way to have all of the blogs that you love in one single place. They populate in your feed whenever there is a new post. Do you have any fashion blogs that you love? Do tell.

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