latest crush: rifle paper company

Today, I wanted to share with you guys a company that I am in love with: Rifle Paper Company. They are a stationery and gift brand based in Winter Park, Florida that was founded in 2009 by a husband and wife team. How cool is that? (Maybe I should start brainstorming with the husband about some business ideas.)

I like a lot of things from this brand. One of them is that when you look at any of their pieces, you know without a question that it is from them. The unique factor is high and that is something that I am hoping to accomplish with Designs by Dylcia. Baby steps people.

Another thing I am really digging is how it all began. After reading an EveryGirl interview with Anna Bond (the wife), I found out that it all began when she started designing wedding invitations. Apparently a lot of blogs started featuring her designs so they decided to create a stationery line and launch Rifle Paper Co. a year later.

Creating an unique brand like this one day would be a dream come true for me. So I am using Rifle Paper Co. as inspiration and a reminder that it can be done. No matter how small you start because you have to start somewhere, right?

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