4 easy ways to style spring trends

If I needed to describe my style in 3 words, I would say it is casual, laid-back and girlie. I'm what you call a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Thankfully, I work at a place where a casual attire is the norm. If I ever had to dress business casual, I don't know what I would do. I don't think I even own a single pair of dress pants. Don't judge.

I was looking at my closet the other day and realized that some shopping is in order. For some reason I have a good amount of Fall/Winter clothes, but not of Spring/Summer. Like, what in the world did I wear last year??!?! No clue.

In order to get an idea of what types of items I should get for this season, I have been reading a couple of fashion blogs that have a similar style to mine. From those I can tell that floral prints, lots of pastels, nautical, casual sneakers and even statement necklaces are going to be in this Spring.

So below are 4 different ways that I am planning on styling some of these Spring trends. 

How about you? Are there any trends you are excited to try this Spring?

TREND #1: Floral Prints
// 1. Nars mini blush and bronzer duo // 2. Flower studs by Forever 21 // 3. Medium Cynthia Logo Satchel by Michael Kors // 4. Sleeveless blouse by H&M // 5. Stella jean legging by Express // 6. Pink Chuck Taylor by Converse

TREND #2: Nautical
1. Striped dress by Zara // 2. Denim jacket by H&M // 3. Gold plated bracelet by JCrew // 4. Sutton messenger in pink by Henry Bendel  // 5. Booties by Steve Madden

TREND #3: Slip-on sneakers
1. Say yes Mrs. stud earrings by Kate Spade // 2. Destructed skinny jeans by Gap // 3. Slip-on sneakers by Steve Madden // 4. Vintage v-neck tee by Old Navy // 5. Leather jacket by Zara // 6. Renegade cluster bracelet in gold by Stella & Dot

TREND #4: Statement necklace
1. Spin the bottle by Essie // 2. Jersey top in gray by H&M // 3. Falling coin necklace by Urban Outfitters // 4. Booties by Steve Madden // 5. Medium Cynthia Logo Satchel by Michael Kors // 6. Skinny jeans by Lauren Conrad

Are there any trends that you are excited to try this spring?

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