the foolproof women's holiday gift guide

It's the week before Christmas. You still have no clue what to get those special women in your life. You are in a state of panic. You don't want them to think that you waited until the last minute to buy them something.


Look no further. Here are some foolproof gift ideas that any girl would love.

1. Glamglow Gift Sexy - I own 2 of the 3 skincare masks and they are fabulous. Every time I use them, it feels like I went to the spa. Can't beat that feeling.  |  $69

2. Birchbox Subscription - Every month I look forward to getting my Birchbox in the mail. It's full of samples that I can't wait to try and experiment with.  |  A 3-month subscription for $30 is a pretty sweat deal.

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette - I don't own this, but I've read amazing reviews about these blushes. They are infused with Photoluminescent Technology to create depth and dimension. From the reviews I've read, they are great for every skin color.  |  $58

4. Whole Lotta Chubby Set - Think of these as color lip balms. They give your lips moisture and a hint of color shine. So these are great for the makeup fan as well as the laid-back lady that is into a more natural look.  |  $29.50

5. Plaid Scarf - Plaid is going to be in style all winter long so do your lady a favor and keep her in style.  |  $39.90

6. Muffin Pan - Here is a little self-serving gift (wink wink) since she is going to be so psyched by her super cute pan that she will end up baking you some yummy treats.  |  $36

7. Deja Vu Double-Sided Studs - You read that right. Double-sided. So it's 2 earrings in one. This also come in silver.  |  $39

8. 2015 Travel the World Calendar - I bought this calendar the other day and I can't wait to start using it in January. Every month has a fun illustration from around the world. So after the year is over, she could frame the cities she likes the most. So this is also 2 gifts in 1.  |  $26 (Paper Source and Anthropologie also sells this.)

9. Glass Shadow Box - I've been eying these glass boxes for a while now. They are the perfect place to store your favorite pieces of jewelry.  |  $29 - $99 (depends on the size you get)

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