nursery inspiration

We started working on the nursery a couple of weeks ago and it's going to be the cutest room in the whole house. When I am decorating a room, I usually do a moodboard so that I can wrap my head around what I want the room to look like. It helps me think of the color palette, the textures, and the overall theme. It's also a great tool to have. It helps me figure out if pieces that I am looking at (like furniture, art, rugs...) fit with everything else.

The theme for our baby boy's nursery is what I am going to call: happy camper. It is a pretty neutral color palette with touches of gray, yellow and navy. I wanted the room to be peaceful but fun at the same time. It's also a theme that our boy can grow into. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see how it all comes together.

We also decided to create a mural on the wall where the crib is going to be. It was inspired by this pin.

Isn't it super cute? Can't wait to share it with you guys!!!

Below are the sources for all of the items:
Room sign  |  Laugh pillow  |  Cloud pillow  |  Hello adventure art print  |  Wood camera  |  Baby animal prints  |  Campsite nightlight  |  Crib  |  Dresser  |  Fabric swatches (yellow, gray, navy)  |  Rocker  |  Planter  |  Globe  |  Cloud mobile  |  Animal hamper  |  Side table  |  Rug  |  River photograph  |  Pouf  |  Wood toy

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