monthly beauty buys

Lately, I have been using a couple of new beauty items that I am really digging. And since I love to share, I figured that I would share my finds with you guys.

1. Bliss micro magic spa-powered microdermabrasion treatment
This exfoliating treatment was recommended by someone at Sephora and at first I was a little hesitant to purchase it because of the $48 price tag. Well I was hesitant for like 15 seconds and then I was like: Screw it. I deserve it! I use it every 3 days and my face feels great after it. And since you don't really need to use that much, it's going to last a pretty long time.

2. Tarte waterproof bronzer  |  Color: Park avenue princess
I've heard great things about Tarte makeup so I decided to give this bronzer a try. I'm really liking it!

3. BareSkin pure brightening serum foundation
I'm a big fan of BareMinerals so when I starting hearing a lot of people mention this foundation, I knew I had to check it out for myself. I just put this on top of my moisturizer, add a little blush, mascara, lip gloss and voila! You are set for the day.

4. Aveeno skin relief body wash
During the winter my skin gets super dry, especially my legs. To top it off, now that I am pregnant, I noticed that my legs were also getting itchy. So I picked this up at CVS and it has been a huge help.

5. Moisturizer lip color balms by Clinique
I have been obsessed with these since I gifted them to myself during the holidays. I love all of the colors and they feel great on your lips.

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