landscape envy

It's finally summer over here, which means that I am back to being totally embarrassed by our yard.
We moved in the middle of the winter, so we never had a chance to see how our yard looked like before we moved. So when the first summer came around, we realized that we had a very messy garden in our hands.

I don't know about you, but I know nada when it comes to gardening. Every summer we try to "fix" it but it gets too overwhelming so we stop. In the past 2 summers that we have lived here, we've only been able to fix one part of the yard.

Don't I look so proud of my hard labor? haha That took me a whole weekend.

I know you want to see more, but these are the only two pics that you get to see of our current yard for now. The rest of it is way too embarrassing to show. Sorry folks!

So the plan this summer is to finally get this yard done. Now that we have a newborn, we are mostly home during the weekends and since Matt can't stand still for too long, he decided that the yard is finally going to get done this summer. Yay! He is doing most of the work and I am art directing him :) Which means that now I'm pinning like a crazy woman and dying of landscape envy.

Below are some of my favorite ones. LOVE hydrangeas. Something like this would look awesome on our side yard. hydrangeas on the front of the house? Sure why not? 
Our back yard has 3 levels and something like this on the bottom level would be amazeballs.'m a big fan of yards that are organized and contained. Just like this one. love the combination of colors. Bright and happy.
This is how heaven probably looks like.
I'm also a huge fan of Little Trudy Catmint. I definitely want to incorporate some of those.
Don't you just want to hang out in all of these patios?

Stay tuned for progress :)

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