a year of dates

The other week I was reading the Cup of Jo and she was talking about gifting her husband a Year of Dates for Christmas. It's a pretty simple concept: plan a date every month where the two of you get to do something different and fun. I immediately LOVED the idea. 

It's so hard to buy presents for the husband. He is so picky. Everything I suggest as a potential gift idea, I get an "eh" from him. To the point where he STILL hasn't received a Christmas present from me because he can't decide what he wants. You would think: "Just buy him something. Make it a surprise!" Well after you have done that for years and what you buy him sits unused, you have to try other ways. 

For the last couple of years I have been "gifting" him trips. And I say "gifting" because it's also a gift for myself. HA! I love traveling and planning trips. Thankfully he loves traveling too but hates the planning part. So it's a win-win.

So for our 4th wedding anniversary last month, I wanted to change our gifting strategy. Plus, we can't afford that many trips anymore (thanks daycare costs!!!). So when I read about a Year of Dates, I was sold.

We decided that I would be in charge of the first 6 months and he will be in charge of the last 6 months. So to kick things off in March I planned a date night thanks to my parents being in town and babysitting. Aren't grandparents the best???

We started the night off at the 6pm show at the Improv Asylum. I've heard great things about this place so it was finally time to check them out. It ended up being a great show! I definitely recommend it. 

After that we went to Taranta for dinner which is a Peruvian Italian restaurant in the North End. The food was good. It wasn't a memorable meal but it was yummy. 

To end the night, we got cannolis to-go at Mike's Pastry. And we were home by 10pm. I know I know. We are such big partiers. Lol but jokes aside, it was a great night. Matt and I rarely get to go on dates just the two of us so it was nice to spend some time alone. It's nice to know that after almost 10 years we still like each other. Haha 

So 1 out of 12 dates done. 5 more dates to plan. Any recommendations are highly welcome!

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