koh phi phi, thailand

One of the first pictures I ever saw of Thailand was of a colorful long-tail boat in front of a breath-taking beach. I remember thinking, I NEED to go there!!! So when I was planning our trip to Thailand, I knew that we needed to stay in at least one of the islands.

But it couldn't be any island. I grew up in the Caribbean so I have seen my fair share of beautiful beaches. So whichever island we picked, needed to be pretty awesome. After a lot, and I mean A LOT, of research (who knew Thailand had SO MANY ISLANDS), I decided that Koh Phi Phi island would fit the bill.

Here is a quick recap of our experience in paradise.

We stayed at the Phi Phi Island Beach Resort. I picked this hotel because it was pretty secluded and you got to stay at a bungalow. Pretty freakin' sweet. Right?

A big bonus was that this hotel had a little village on the back that was full of restaurants and bars which was nice because we didn't want to be stuck eating at the hotel for every single meal.

We went on a long-tail boat tour with our new friend Mr. Chet from the Knock Out Bar (our favorite restaurant/bar in Koh Phi Phi) where we got to do some snorkeling, made some new friends and saw first hand those breath-taking beaches I had seen in pictures. I highly recommend this tour by the way!

We took a hike downtown (which was supposed to be about an hour each way). This was pretty fun until we ended up getting lost on our way back. For 3 hours!!! We had no cell reception, all the signs were in Thai and all the trails that we were walking in kept ending. Thankfully, it was in the early afternoon and my husband stayed pretty calm throughout the whole thing. Me? Not so much.

And we got to see tons of long-tail boats. Mission accomplished.


  1. I just discovered you today. Lovely post. I want to go there sometime soon. One of my friends was there in May and she loved it as well. Did you encounter a lot of crowds in the most popular spots in the island ? any tips ? thanks.

    1. We went in the touristy time (January), so yeah, there were tons of people at the popular beaches and islands. But our hotel was pretty quiet and chill since it had its own private beach. When we hiked downtown, there were also tons of people there.

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