my pregnancy essentials

When I found out I was pregnant, I was equal parts excited and overwhelmed. Thank goodness for all of my mommy friends that were always happy to answer my million questions. So now that I am almost at the end of this journey (39 weeks and counting!) I want to share my pregnancy essentials. Below are the items that I currently can't live without.

1. Mama Bee Belly Butter - This is an item that I wish I had from the beginning. Lesson learned: purchase a fragrance-free lotion! Especially during the first trimester. I first purchased Palmer's Cocoa Butter and I couldn't stand the smell. So when I learned about the Mama Bee Belly Butter from Burt's Bees, I was a happy camper. It is a natural fragrance-free formula and makes your skin feel very soft and smooth. I buy mine at Target.

2. Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow - I am a great sleeper, but around 23 weeks I was having a hard time getting comfy. So I knew it was time to get a pregnancy pillow. As soon as I got my Bump Nest pillow I was back in business and sleeping like a baby. The only downfall is that you can't really cuddle with your partner anymore because you are surrounded by the pillow. But cuddling can wait!

3. Ovia Pregnancy App - I love this app!!! It has been very helpful throughout the whole pregnancy. The two features that I use the most are the Food Safety Lookup, where they list every food item imaginable and they tell you if you can eat it or not. And the Symptoms Lookup where they list all kinds of symptoms that you might feel. It explains if it's normal and why are you feeling it. This App also tracks how far along you are and surfaces useful info every week.

4. Contigo Water Bottle - Before being pregnant, I was pretty bad at drinking lots of water. So once I found out I was knocked up, I knew that needed to change. I went ahead and got this bottle at Target and it made a huge difference. It fits 24oz of water and I can take it with me everywhere.

5. Snacks - One of the things you want to have with you at all times are snacks. I am a big fan of the Kashi bars and I always have at least 2 of them in my purse. Other snacks that I'm a big fan of are: Stonyfield organic smoothies, cheese sticks and bananas.

6. One A Day Prenatal Vitamins with DHA - I can take these vitamins on an empty stomach which is a big plus for me because I can take them right when I wake up.

7. Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bras - My cousin gave me a genius piece of advice: when you are pregnant and it's time to get new bras, just go ahead and get nursing bras. That way you don't have to buy even more bras once you give birth. When I went to Motherhood Maternity they told me that these were their best sellers, so I went ahead and bought a couple of these. I highly recommend them. Super comfy and they come in a variety of colors.

8. MAMA Jersey Tank Tops - These are a must. I was pregnant during the winter, so I would put these under my regular sweaters in case they raised up. And now that it is spring, they go perfect with leggings and a light jacket. Did you know H&M sold maternity clothes? Because I didn't until a co-worker of mine told me and I was SO HAPPY to find out. They have super cute clothes and pretty affordable.

9. MAMA Super Skinny Jeans - I am a skinny jeans kind of gal. I normally wear 7 Jeans but I decided to try the H&M maternity jeans out since they were only $30! Let's just say that I now own 3 pairs. They are super comfortable, they fit perfectly, they come in different colors and the price!!! THE PRICE!

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