pre-motherhood thoughts

Happy Friday everyone!!!

As of this Sunday, I am going to be full term. Crazy, I know! I can't believe it's almost time to meet our little man. One thing I know for certain is that our lives are about to change big time. I'm really looking forward to this new adventure, but I'm also terrified of all the unknowns. How long is labor going to be? What type of baby are we going to have? How will I react to the lack of sleep? How is my relationship with Matt going to change? The list goes on and on. So I figured that it would be fun to put all of my current thoughts in writing and in a couple of months, I'll look back and reflect on the way I was feeling pre-baby.

5 things I'm going to miss the most
• Our current Saturday morning ritual: waking up but staying in bed catching up and planning our weekend.
• Sleeping. If you know me, you know that I loooove sleeping.
• Traveling whenever we have the chance.
• Date nights with my boo.
• Being able to sit down on my couch and watch endless hours of TV whenever my heart pleases. Which is often.   

5 things I'm looking forward to
• Meeting our little guy and seeing whom he looks like.
• Seeing how Matt interacts with our son. I bet this will melt my heart.
• Going on nice long walks with my boy while I’m on maternity leave.
• Fitting into my old clothes and being able to buy cute non-maternity clothes again.
• Working out! I am not one of those people that like working out that much but I haven’t done it in 8 months and I am starting to miss it. Say whattt? 

5 things I'm hoping for
• That I will have a fairly easy and safe labor.
• That our baby boy will be healthy.
• That I will have an easy time breastfeeding.
• That our boy will love sleeping as much as I do.
• That all of the maternal instincts will kick in and I’ll know what I’m doing.

It will be interesting to see how everything turns out. We will know soon enough! :) Have a great weekend everyone.

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